A Smuggler’s Path by I.L Cruz

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Image result for a smuggler's pathIn Canto, magic is a commodity, outlawed by the elites after losing a devastating war and brokered by smugglers on the hidden market. But some know it’s more–a weapon for change.

Inez Garza moves through two worlds. She’s a member of the noble class who works as a magical arms dealer–a fact either group would gladly use against her. Neither know her true purpose–funding Birthright, an underground group determined to return magic to all at any cost.
But the discovery of a powerful relic from before the Rending threatens her delicate balance.
Inez’s inherent magic, which lies dormant in all the Canti, has been awakened. Now the Duchess’s daughter, radical and smuggler must assume another forbidden title–mage, a capital crime. This will bring her to the attention of factions at home–fanatical rebels bent on revolution, a royal family determined to avoid another magical war, her mercenary colleagues at the hidden…

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The Spinster Queen

Real fairy tales have no end. And this one in particular makes me nostalgic because reading it was the start of my writing career. Check out Rachel’s other After Ever After stories.

Rachael Farrimond

59 After Ever After


Please note that ‘Spinster’ in the title is using the original meaning of the word, i.e. a woman who spins, rather than the modern meaning of an unmarried woman.

This is the third story that I wrote for Christmas 2018, this one for my mum. The story she chose as the jumping off point was RumpelstiltskinAt the time, I thought this was quite an odd choice as Rumpelstiltskin is not the most savoury of characters. But my mum explained that she chose this because the heroine of the story (the miller’s daughter) saved herself.

I had never thought of the story in that way and had to go back and re-read it to pick up on what she meant.

RumpelstiltskinIf you are not familiar with the tale of Rumpelstiltskin, it starts with a miller boasting about how his daughter is such a good spinner…

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After Ever After

Rachael Farrimond

59 After Ever After


For Christmas 2018, I asked my family to name their favourite fairy tale or Disney film, and from their answers I wrote a short story for each of them looking at what happened after “Happily Ever After” had been uttered.

Well, I did for the stories based on my parents’ choices. The one for my sister went in a slightly different direction (I’ll get to that at a later date).

Anyway, here is the first of my After Ever After stories written for my dad and using The Sorcerer’s Apprentice as the jumping off point.

191da8-20141201-fantasiaDoes The Sorcerer’s Apprentice count as a fairy tale? If you’re thinking of the Nicholas Cage film, then probably not; but Disney’s animation of the piece of music by Paul Dukas most certainly does. Dukas wrote the music as a symphonic poem (basically music that tells a story). The story itself was…

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