Fairy tale Endings and a Passel of Princesses

Fairy tales like drama, specifically uncertainty. They fixate on main characters who often are in situations most of us would consider cruel and unusual and then give them over to situations that sound better, but just as unsure. Why are they okay with this and more importantly, why are we? Last weekend I saw Ralph … Continue reading Fairy tale Endings and a Passel of Princesses

A Smuggler’s Path – Available July 24th!

Exciting news FF readers! After years of writing (and rewriting and rewriting and rewriting…did I mention rewriting?) I finally have a publication date for my first novel, A Smuggler’s Path. It’s available for pre-order through Barnes & Noble Digital, iBooks, Kobo & Kobo Plus, tolino, Scribd and 24symbols right now. https://www.books2read.com/A-Smugglers-Path A Smuggler's Path will … Continue reading A Smuggler’s Path – Available July 24th!

The Witch

As a young girl, I wanted to be a witch. They were mystical and wise. People came to them for help. Most importantly, witches had magic. They could conjure spells, brew potions, and divine the future. In short, they effected real change with power, knowledge and will. Who wants to be a princess when that's … Continue reading The Witch