Playing Favorites

We all have a favorite. An outfit that makes you feel invincible and irresistible. A meal we could eat forever in one of those “desert island” hypotheticals. A movie we put on no matter how many times we’ve seen it (and can recite it). A book we can read over and over again and still get the same frisson of enjoyment. To that list I add another, albeit predictable item considering the nature of these posts—a word.

Besotted: adjective. 1. blindly or utterly infatuated; 2. intoxicated or stupefied especially with drink

I prefer the combo definition: drunk with love.

Image by Nick Ritz from Pixabay

The idea appeals to my romantic side, although my practical side is quite appalled by the notion (see I can double-think, can you?). I file this word under the blanket term “Britishisms” that include entries like whilst and fortnight. But besotted is my pampered pet. For me it evokes the heady time when love first starts and those times when established love can concentrate on itself and behave like the first days. It’s my favorite kind of word, illustrative.

Do you have a favorite word?