About the Feminista


Immersing myself in Hadrian's Wall

Immersing myself in Hadrian’s Wall

Ivia Cruz wants to live in a world where words are chosen with care, shoes are as comfy as socks, and reading time is sacred.

As someone who’s taken the plunge into writing, she’s been working on a fantasy series, posting on her blog and searching valiantly for her perfect writing tribe.

When she’s not distracted by the voices of characters in her head you can find her wrangling her daughter, indulging in her guilty pleasure of predictable Hallmark movies or fanboy flicks, and planning European escapes with her husband (where we always end up in a park).


For all those who hope this site is about male bashing, you’ve come to the wrong blog.

I want to answer the question, do fairy tales have anything to say to modern female sensibilities?

This site is dedicated to giving voice to thoughts about fairy tales and re-imagining the role given to women and men in them.

For more information see my Transformations with The Little Mermaid post.


5 thoughts on “About the Feminista

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  2. Thank you for visiting my blog, and I’m so glad to find you here. Can’t wait to dig into your blog and your ideas about fairy tales. As it happens, I have some research to do on Finnish fairy tales in particular for a new manuscript. Will let you know what I find!

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