Rhymes & Misdemeanors – A YA Fantasy

Book 1: Cracked

The enchanted land of Rhyme…a haven for people with special abilities. Centuries ago those gifted in the magical arts found refuge on its hidden shores, escaping persecution from the wider world.

Native Rhy Inez is descended from generations of noble Garzas thriving in Rhyme, but for fatherless Inez there is no title. Dead set against marrying for one, she decides to earn back her birthright. And what better solution than a heroic act as a member of the King’s Men—Rhyme’s elite royal guard?

But a rejection from her heroes sets her on a new and unexpected path. Unearthing forbidden magic, solving a murder, and staying one step ahead of Zavier Cole, King’s Man, prince and royal distraction brings her closer to heroism but further from her goal.

Now instead of enforcing the law she’ll spend her senior year of high school as an outlaw–to save the very people who would destroy her—and hopefully avoid destroying all she loves in the process.


Book 2: Crowned

Inez is developing a knack for keeping secrets. It’s a skill she has learned from her mother, who for the past 17 years has kept Inez’s innate magical abilities from the Enchanted Isle authorities. Inez knows that sharing that secret could result in a fate worse than death for both of them, so she hasn’t told her best friend, Tom, he newest friend and partner, Mary, or especially her long-term crush, Zavier, royal prince and member of the King’s Men, the elite royal guard which Inez is still dying to join.

And her newest case doesn’t look like it will impress them. Crazy Bo Peep is convinced her sheep are plotting something and with the KM ignoring her concerns, she turns to Inez, Mary and their PIPSE for help. It may not get Inez a place in the KM’s ranks, but hopefully it will keep her mind off of the coming Cinderella Ball and all the unwanted advice and attention regarding Zavier’s upcoming betrothal. While everyone else is worrying about gowns and crowns, Inez will have to focus on plots against the monarchy. When the threat is discovered in the palace, Inez will have to decide if keeping her secrets are more important than the safety of the kingdom.

One thought on “Rhymes & Misdemeanors – A YA Fantasy

  1. Can’t wait for the book to come out. While beta-reading it, it transported me to a world full of enchantment and danger, just the way I felt when I first read the Harry Potter books. Eager to see how the series unfolds.

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