Mechanical Creativity II

The holidays are feast or famine time for my writing. I either have tons to write or I am stuck with nothing to write. This year is a little different because I recently published my latest book, so I’ve given myself a pass until the new year on getting any real writing done on the last book in the series. But I still get the itch…that feeling of restless need to make SOMETHING and work. It’s the same feeling I got around the beginning of August when I was waiting for school to start up again (yes, an admittedly nerdy admission but I’m owning it!).

Back during the dark days of the quarantine I wrote about what I do when I get that itch, but haven’t thought of anything to write. I called it mechanical creativity and this year I decided to make it work for me. I indulged my hobby of lettering and combined it with the normally tedious chore of sending holiday cards. The results were mixed, but it still scratches that particular itch. These are some of the results:

Although the results are rough, it doesn’t really matter. The point is to do creative things while waiting for my specific creative ability to return.

Have you found your mechanical creativity endeavor? Feel free to share. In the meantime,


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