The Mushroom Fairy

My last post I focused on the magic that I found traveling on the west coast. A comment from one of my readers who lives in the west coast made me think about how there are times that we forget how magical our own backyards can be.

When I moved to my house over ten years ago, I walked my daughter to and from preschool. She’s older now and walks herself, but I still enjoy walking in my neighborhood. Most especially I love seeing mushrooms. At this time of year they crop up everywhere and I can’t resist taking pictures of them. Mushrooms are magical in my opinion–the colors, the shapes, the sizes, the suddenness–all of it is amazing and though I’m not a poet, it inspired me.

The Mushroom Fairy

She sets to work in the dampness of dusk

Arms laden with magic, air heavy with earthy musk

Soft soil delights in fairy tending

Seedlings thrive and ivy wending

By dawn all spells have been cast and thrice chanted

Greens, golds and grays securely planted

What sprouts are spongy clouds, an enchanted playground

Where fairies play and dreams abound

7 thoughts on “The Mushroom Fairy

  1. So pretty! Mushrooms are indeed very magical and, I wouldn’t be surprised, grown by fairies. When I was a kid, mushrooms popped up every year almost like clockwork. Little groves and circles of them here and there in our backyard. Unfortunately, my parents were sure they were poisonous, so we always had to kick them over so no creature could eat them and get sick. But I’m still certain they were fairy playgrounds!

  2. I love mushrooms and fungi, such strange things. I can watch time lapses of them for ages.

    I always tread carefully lest a crush one on a walk.

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