New Year, Old Story

Readers, December was tough. Something about dealing with the holidays under the malaise of a pandemic and all the other issues that came along with it made it impossible for me to sit down and write posts. It was a struggle to finish my next round of edits, but I prioritized that and finished. Now just two or three more rounds to go…

I know I’ve brought up Sleeping Beauty before, but the story seems right for so many occasions. Remembering to double-check your invitations. Being kept in the dark about a vital secret. Saved by a stranger, albeit creepily because he had to kiss you without permission. Learning to move on.

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In this instance I was thinking about the bit players. The townspeople and the royal couple, elder edition. After being asleep for 100 years, how do you shake it off? For the townspeople, would you be angry that the king and queen’s oversight caused a major case of sleeping sickness? For the king and queen, do you atone, abdicate or maybe form a constitutional monarchy after the inevitable uprising from your subjects? And of course, for Sleeping Beauty: do you pack a bag and decide to brave the wide world you’ve been denied? I’d like to think all that happens. I’d like to think that the happily ever after really involves everyone becoming wiser and more mature after such a shared experience.

And that’s what I hope for this new year. May we all become wiser and more mature after such a shared experience.

3 thoughts on “New Year, Old Story

  1. That’s so true; living through a pandemic really is a worldwide shared experience. I do hope we come out of this wiser and maybe a little kinder towards others. Though, if I were one of the townspeople, I do know I wouldn’t be happy to find out I’d been asleep for a hundred years! I don’t like change, so waking up to a world 100 years older would probably terrify me, haha.

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