Random Joy in Weird Times

Whenever I’m given unexpected good news, I think about the Valiant Tailor. It was a small thing, working away at his trade and then pausing for a snack only to be interrupted by pestering flies. He ended their buzzing with one blow and was so tickled by the fact he made himself a sash proclaiming the feat.

These days it’s the small victories that have to be celebrated. For an indie writer, small victories have to be gathered up whenever possible to make sense of the madness of wanting to make this a profession. But they do come.

My novella, a small but meaningful project, languished for a while. I was going to make it into an audio book, but the costs were a touch prohibitive. Then I was alerted to the fact that Draft2Digital got their printing off the ground. I opted to try it and then thought nothing off it with the world slowing swirling out of control. Today I was greeted by a surprise package:


Seeing it made me smile. And I think smiles are definitely victories. Hope you find your smile today!

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