Miss Plot?

For those who don’t know, I love Star Trek. While I’m iffy on the original series, I’ve seen the original cast movies more times than I can count. I watched them after discovering my first love, Star Trek: The Next Generation. My love affair continued through Deep Space Nine, Voyager and even Enterprise (although don’t get me started on the last episode—as far as I’m concerned the penultimate episode was the finale we all deserved)!

I love that all the shows were essentially a group of people we cared about and admired who tackled galaxy-changing problems every week (and let’s be honest, with all that’s happening in the world right now I could do with some problems that are addressed and solved in 45-90 minutes). The stories were what you called plot driven. It’s become a shunned phrase for some, but one I’ve never sneered at it.

Star Trek: The Next Generation—Ranking the Crew From ...

Fairy tales are an example. The story is the most important aspect. Sometimes the characters don’t even have names and yet we accept them. A story starts with a problem and within a few pages the problem is solved. Simple, yes, but effective.

A funny thing happened on our way to create deeper stories—we ejected plot. Now T.V. shows, movies and books spend an inordinate about of time delving into a character’s psyche learning what drives them, what damaged them and if the two are the same. It does make for more nuanced storytelling, but it’s also exhausting.

Don’t get me wrong, I love a good, meaty story with complex characters that are larger than the lives they lead. And yet, there are times when I crave something easier. I’m guessing this is the perfect time.


Have your entertainment tastes been altered by quarantine?

6 thoughts on “Miss Plot?

  1. My husband and I love The Next Generation! We’ve tried to get into Picard, but the plot vs. character driven thing is really clear between them. As much as we love the character of Picard, his show is just to focused on him and his own struggles. What we love about The Next Generation is the broad cast and the fun stories that can teach us something. I must say that, in books, I absolutely prefer character driven because then everything that happens makes sense, but, in TV shows, plot driven makes for a better viewing experience. Also light, fluffy, funny, and not Paw Patrol helps a lot.

  2. Firstly, OMG yay! You’re a Trekkie too! And yes, ST:TNG was THE best series and too enjoyed Deep Space Nine and a little Voyager and I started Enterprise (which I really enjoyed) but ended up not watching more than a handful of episodes… this reminds me I have to find a way to go back and complete that series.

    Secondly, I admit to sometimes getting too character-driven and sometimes letting the plot fall by the way side and that’s not good. I think I need to give my plots more love and attention, thank you for the reminder 😉

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