Simple Kindness is Golden

Ever get the feeling that rudeness in on the rise? I know it’s not a new idea, but that doesn’t mean it bears ignoring. Just like anything that requires correcting, it should be revisited.

In fairy tales princesses and women who will be princesses are always praised for their quiet accommodation and politeness, which I have noted on more than a few occasions in the blog. However, I’ve been remiss. Civility isn’t just a princess virtue.

The story, The Golden Goose, by the Brothers Grimm tells the story of three brothers, the youngest of who is kind despite his family’s scorn. Despite being given sour beer and a sooty biscuit, when he’s approached by a stranger hoping to share, he does gladly. For his considerateness, he’s given a golden goose. In the end, he wins the hand of an unhappy princess when he makes her laugh.

bird goose feathered brown

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It’s rare when a gentle act from a man in fairy tales is rewarded. I’ll admit that having to marry a man just because your father says the next man to make you laugh can have you is problematic at best, but it’s one of the few instances I’ve found that has a male-centered story who doesn’t have to kill or employ trickery to be rewarded. And he wasn’t expecting a reward. He just wanted to help an old man in the forest. It’s refreshing, in its way.

I don’t know if I have a conclusion for this post other than to state we should all try being a little kinder to each other. Happy Tuesday!

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