After Ever After

Rachael Farrimond

59 After Ever After


For Christmas 2018, I asked my family to name their favourite fairy tale or Disney film, and from their answers I wrote a short story for each of them looking at what happened after “Happily Ever After” had been uttered.

Well, I did for the stories based on my parents’ choices. The one for my sister went in a slightly different direction (I’ll get to that at a later date).

Anyway, here is the first of my After Ever After stories written for my dad and using The Sorcerer’s Apprentice as the jumping off point.

191da8-20141201-fantasiaDoes The Sorcerer’s Apprentice count as a fairy tale? If you’re thinking of the Nicholas Cage film, then probably not; but Disney’s animation of the piece of music by Paul Dukas most certainly does. Dukas wrote the music as a symphonic poem (basically music that tells a story). The story itself was…

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