January with Thumbelina

January is a quiet, broody month. The end of the holiday season is as sudden as the beginning of it. The weather is unpredictable and rarely appreciated. And the new year has a sense of urgency to be different or at least better than the last. It’s all exhausting!

I think about Thumbelina hiding out with the field mouse for the winter all cozy and grateful. Of course, the peace doesn’t last because the old field mouse because the next in a long line of creatures that think Thumbelina should marry. Thumbelina is forced to run away to avoid yet another arranged marriage. That’s what January feels like, a forced marriage between your expectations and other people’s—uneasy and slightly ominous.

adventure blue calm waters climb

Photo by Riccardo Bresciani on Pexels.com

And yet, this is the month I’ve decided to release my new book. Crazy, huh? And yet…

This post is a short one and I fear the next one will be, too. But routines are promises you make to yourself. So even a short post is a promise kept.

Keep a lookout for A Noble’s Path, book 2 in the Enchanted Path series.

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