Does this come in Faery?

I use lots of keystrokes analyzing fairy tales. Today I want to discuss why we’re so fascinated by them. They’re old and antiquated. They’re stilted and repetitive. They’re sexist and…really sexist!

So why the appeal? One answer is royalty. In a healthy majority of the stories good deeds, virtue, cleverness, and beauty yield majestic results. Most end with a man or woman being married into the royal household. And yet. Royalty is old and antiquated. Stilted and repetitive. Sexist and…you get the picture.

Nevertheless, they’re two concepts I’m fascinated by despite my modern sensibilities. Fairy tales are little glimpses into wish fulfillment. Adventure. Rewards. Escape. But what about royalty?

In real life royalty is a prescribed life. Everything is planned along a well-trod path. Separate and above. It sounds just as stultifying as being an indentured servant or a maligned orphan. Why is that considered a fairy tale ending?

Personally, I like a little pomp. It adds excitement to the everyday. Fairy tales and royalty are the pop of color we all crave once in a while.

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