Last week a fellow writer and blogger celebrated her first year as a published author. I thought it was an amazing idea and wrote in her comments how much I lamented not having done the same. Not the post, but the celebrating. When you’re an indie author, work can be a bit of a slog. Everyday is an opportunity for a hundred and one things that will get your books noticed. Writing book two, getting book bloggers interested in reviews, posting news about your journey, fostering community with other indie writers. The list goes on and on and it never feels like you’re doing enough.

Except we do.

Do you know how many people tell me how amazing it is I’ve written books and published them, and I just shrug it off? About as many people who say they want to write a book too and never get around to it. And yet, I’m always reluctant to trumpet the successes. It’s a pity.

So, I want to thank Azaaa Davis, author of the Demon Hunter book series for reminding me to celebrate. And now I’m going to remember to mark my author-versay (I really hope I make that catch on) from now on.

Are you celebrating any writing milestones? #Authorversary

8 thoughts on “Author-versary

  1. This is such an honest post. My first book was released at the end of August and since then there’s this constant feeling I’m not doing enough. I continue to ask marketing questions, I worry about book 2 and so on. Every now and then we need to stop and remind ourselves we did it. Hot damn, we did it!!!!!

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