The Elusive Ooh

Writers are some of the best readers. Many of the same traits that make a good writer are cultivated by good readers. Attention to detail. Love of a good story. Ability to suspend disbelief. But there’s a fourth thing that I’ve only ever experienced as a writer.

I’ve been working on my second novel and the moments that give me the most agita are when I know where something starts and where I need to go, but not how to get there. A plot point will irked me for days, even weeks because I can’t figure out how it fits into the larger whole.

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And then it happens. I poke and prod and reshape and then I find my way from A to C. I find B. I call it the elusive ooh. I call it that because it’s usually what I say when I finally crack the code. Kind of like that moment in a fairy tale when it all turns around for the protagonist.

It happened when I was thinking about what to post today. I mentally searched my catalog of fairy tales and folk stories, thinking of ways to connect it to my editing woes and then… Ooh, I could just write about my editing woes. Or better yet, how I overcome them.

2 thoughts on “The Elusive Ooh

  1. lol I think “the ooh” is a perfect term for it. I have those moments, usually after staring with growing frustration at a mis-mash of notes that seem to increase on their own and appear like some arcane puzzle I have to solve and then suddenly…click and ooooh got it! 😀

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