Deadlines in the World of Make Believe

Fairy tales love deadlines. Midnight curfews. Seasonal mandates. Royal decrees with an expiration date. It ramps up the drama to know that not only does a protag have an obstacle to overcome, but there’s also a clock on when it must be completed. Readers love that.

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You know who doesn’t love it? Writers. We put our characters through the ringer, but nothing compares to the rollercoaster of meeting a deadline—especially when you’re an indie pub author. Deadlines are yours to control and without external forces demanding you meet them; they can become ephemeral. Empty. Pointless. It takes an extraordinary amount of discipline to keep to a self-imposed deadline. And sometimes we fall short.

I know I did. I expected to return to my blogging within a month. Three months later I’m finally climbing out of my book edits. And I’m not done, but I realized that being a part of this community was something I missed. Not the deadlines for posting! I did, however, miss interacting with fellow writers and bloggers. But to avoid ramping up the drama in my life, I’ll be kinder to myself with deadlines and post every other week—at least until I finish edits for book two in my Enchanted Path series, A Noble’s Path.

And thanks to those of you who kept reading even when I wasn’t writing.

6 thoughts on “Deadlines in the World of Make Believe

  1. So very true! Self-serve deadlines are so hard to stick to. It’s the fact that no-one is going to shout at you for missing it, but you know you’re going to kick yourself anyway. Weird.

    • And worst of all, you tend to kick yourself more for missing something you set yourself. I can play rationalization games with another person (life got in the way, I just didn’t have the time, etc.), but lying to yourself is a lot harder.

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