100 Word Challenge

Once upon a time (almost seven years ago) there was a woman who wanted to see her name on the spine of a book. A secret smile appeared on her face anytime she walked the aisles of a bookstore knowing one day she would see her book on the shelves.

But her road to publication wasn’t an easy one. She thought writing the book was hard, but it was nothing compared with trying to get it out in the world. The first bit of advice she received was to create an online presence and so she started a blog. This blog…

It’s been a long time with lots of starts and stops (most notably when I ended the blog in 2015 and then brought it back like some celeb who retires too early), but I’m writing my 100th post. I wondered what to write about. Something about consistency or how to deal with rejection through fairy tales, but nothing yielded more than a paragraph or two. Instead I gave myself a challenge. Write a story of 100 words.




The statue was erected in the village square. It was done under the cover of darkness and the sculptor remained as mysterious as the subject.

The villagers spoke among themselves and speculated. What did it mean? Who had created it? It could have come from anyone, but who was less important. Wondering what became a pastime. Before long the statue and the stories became part of their way of life.

One day a scream tore through the town. The statue was gone without a clue as to how or why it had disappeared. All that was left were the stories.


Have you ever written a 100 word story? Try one today and thanks for reading!


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