On the twelfth day ’til Christmas…

Okay, it’s really the thirteenth day until Christmas, but I post on Tuesdays. Nevertheless, on Wednesday, December 12th we’re twelve days away from Christmas Eve. My family has asked for my Christmas list, but what I want, they can’t buy. But you can.

For those twelve days the digital version of my book, A Smuggler’s Path, will be half off! I like to think of it as an early Christmas present to anyone who wants to take a chance on an epic fantasy series with a Latina heroine in a world based on myths, fairy tales and nursery rhymes. And it’s the gift that keeps on giving because every sale is like a present for me!

I’m getting the word out and hope the holiday price of $3.99 (3.49 GBP and Euro; 5.99 CAD) will help me get my Christmas wish–sales and reviews!

Get your digital copy today!

A Smuggler's Path

Excerpt from A Smuggler’s Path: An Enchanted Isles Novel (Book #1 of the Enchanted Path Series:

His breath came in tight, short bursts. The pain was the worst at his throat and in his lungs. This was a powerful spell. Old magic. Mage magic. He prayed to the Goddess that he’d die before he hit the ground.

The instant before he died, Delaware Humphrey considered himself lucky. Death meant release from all his secrets, all his troubles. Their slow suffocation a torture in comparison to a relatively quick death.

It was his fault, but it wasn’t his problem anymore. And there was plenty of blame to go around.

But for Canto and the rest of the Enchanted Isles, Delaware knew his murder would start the unravelling of secrets and troubles that could bring all the Isles tumbling down…







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