The Goldilocks Problem

So, I finally did it. I’ve joined Twitter. I resisted for a long time because deep down I don’t really enjoy social media. Oh, there are bright spots—those rare days when I get real comments from other bloggers and readers—but mostly, I consider it a chore. It’s something I do for my career, like peeling, cutting and cooking apples (painful tedium) and ending up with delicious homemade chunky applesauce.

I decided on Twitter because, like a blog, it’s basically text-based. I don’t have to specially curate photos of impossibly beautiful food or tear-jerking sunsets or create videos of cats (that I don’t own). Now I have a Goldilocks problem.

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What is a Goldilocks problem, you ask? It’s deciding what’s just right. Not too much, not too little. When I started blogging, I thought it best to post only when I had something to say. I quickly learned that I have plenty to say, but little I want to share. Therefore, I had to create a schedule. Once a week was all I could muster. The thought of tacking on another commitment, set my teeth on edge. Am I alone?

But now that I’m a published author (!) I know I must work on marketing in all forms. Also, this solitary profession makes one crave community. Twitter has become the Wild West and adds to my trepidation, but I’m hoping to find my own civil corner. And if the bears come home and scare me from my cozy bed, I’ll leave just as quickly as Goldilocks.

In the meantime, feel free to say hello @ILCruzWrites.

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