OOO October’s Outta the Drawer Originals

I interrupt the regularly scheduled FTBC for a special offering. FTBC will return next month.

I’ve been on a alliterative kick lately (for proof see my book website’s newest page, Fourth Fridays for Fantasy Foodies) and today is no different. I read a blog post that recommended putting original work out in the world–a frightening prospect for any writer. But the more I thought about it I realized the timing couldn’t be better. October holds eerie appeal, with Halloween looming. Nothing’s scarier than revealing untested work. Perfect for doing something scary and brave.

I encourage other writers to do the same with the title, OOO October Outta the Drawer Originals. Post short stories, flash fiction, and poetry with a spooky/atmospheric bent. Post as often as you can and consider it practice for NaNoWriMo in November. Here’s my first offering:

grayscale photography of chimes

Photo by Andrii Nikolaienko on

Bone Wind

A girl who loses her mother is adopted by a force of nature. She quickly learns that nature cannot be contained.

2 thoughts on “OOO October’s Outta the Drawer Originals

  1. Wow! I am hooked! I want to know more. Super brave to put this out there, but I think if anyone reads it, the story will leave them wanting more! Brava! Keep going…besos!

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