MAIAM–Catherine Green, aka Spooky Mrs. Green

For those of you who don’t know, I have another website dedicated to writing, but I also love to support and promote other indies! Hope you enjoy!

Books by I.L. Cruz

Summer and autumn are battling it out, but I have reason to be grateful. The weather here is finally showing signs of getting nippy and the holiday season is fast approaching. I’ve always thought Halloween was a great way to usher in a period of time full of whimsy and enchantment. I can think of no one better to interview at this time of year than Catherine Green, a writer of paranormal stories filled with the creatures that frighten and fascinate. Her books are sure to get you into the spirit of this coming season!

Return of the Vampire Hunter[2755]

First things first, what’s the name of your current book?

My most recent published novel is Return of the Vampire Hunter, released December 2017. My most recent book included the short story The Trouble with Wolves (A Redcliffe Short Story) in the anthology Filth – An Anthology for naughty girls with dirty desires.

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