A Smuggler’s Path – Available July 24th!

Exciting news FF readers!

After years of writing (and rewriting and rewriting and rewriting…did I mention rewriting?) I finally have a publication date for my first novel, A Smuggler’s Path. It’s available for pre-order through Barnes & Noble Digital, iBooks, Kobo & Kobo Plus, tolino, Scribd and 24symbols right now.


A Smuggler’s Path will be available on Kindle and in paperback through Amazon in addition to the above options as of July 24th. I hope I can count on all my readers for a read and review! Thanks for the support!

A Smuggler's Path

Praise for A Smuggler’s Path:

“Cruz packs a lot of plot into her novel. For example, along with Inez’s noble lineage, she has a history with and lingering romantic interest in Zavier Cole, Canto’s prince whose brother and sister-in-law became king and queen. Multiple backstories, including Inez’s late duchess grandmother and The Enchanted Isles’ origin, provide a rich foundation for the present-day narrative. The author likewise employs myriad characters to further complicate the plot and give Inez reason to distrust nearly everyone. Cruz’s no-frills prose doesn’t stint on wit: Inez’s haunt is Froth, a tavernlike establishment that serves milk and optional syrups.
An epic, rewarding tale sure to garner fans ready for sequels.”–Kirkus Reviews

“A delightfully creative adventure, A Smuggler’s Path stands alone in a very crowded fantasy genre, boasting a youthful, energetic spirit and a wonderful new world to explore for readers of fantasy. Cruz has a gift for quickly creating memorable characters, as well as threading fantastical elements and creative magic through seemingly ‘normal’ moments of narration, making this a comprehensive and immersive reading experience. A Smuggler’s Path is an entertaining read with a uniquely creative cast of characters, and a colorful world that readers will want to visit again.” —Self-Publishing Review, ★★★★

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