Real life Fairy tale

I’ve been thinking about the recent royal wedding. It’s almost impossible to avoid. The news is still buzzing about the dress, the service, the traditional-meets-modern theme, and of course, the biracial thing. I don’t want to write about any of that. I want to write about us.

We, and I mean the folks on the outside looking in, have fallen into two camps. Either we’ve been completely swept away with the story and its inevitably well-orchestrated conclusion or we simply can’t be bothered by all the hoopla and act disdainfully or dare I say, above it.

I won’t say which camp I’m in, but I do write about fairy tales so draw your own conclusions. However, I understand the pull of both camps. So much ugly is happening in the world–shootings, racism, totalitarianism–that a little beauty is like a splash of cool water on a hot day, no matter how frivolous it may seem. And it is important to remember these people aren’t really a part of our lives especially when more important events should remain center stage. It’s hard to find a balance.

But, if you’re reading this you understand that life can be a slog and getting out of the muck every once in a while is good for the system (or you’re reading this because you are in some way related to me and feel an obligation). We don’t have to wait for large-scale spectacles to remember joy, beauty or love. That’s what fairy tales do–they tell stories of the slog and how sometimes the hero is rewarded with an escape, but it’s always of their own making.

Beach in South Florida

A little piece of paradise

So, create your own real life fairy tale moments whenever your can. They can be as small as a beautiful day on a beach or as big as a royal wedding. Just grab them–or what’s the slog for?!

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