The first stories I told as a kid were ghost stories. You know the ones I’m taking about. The mysterious drip that came from nowhere. The woman with a ribbon around her neck. The hook in the car door. The Lady in White. The list goes on and on, but they were stories we told each other at slumber parties, at recess, and especially at Halloween.


As an adult, I look back at those stories with a hint of longing. Longing for the time when Halloween was atmospheric and eerie. Now it feels more repulsive and gory. Scary yes, gruesome no. Whatever happened to The Wolves of Willoughby Chase or The Watcher in the Woods? If you don’t know what I’m talking about, please look them up as examples of stories with real atmosphere.

Being a writer has made me more proactive. If I feel there’s an absence of something I want to read, instead of complaining I write it. So, despite being a rather mediocre poet for some reason Halloween puts me in mind to rhyme.

All Hallows Evening

Quiet creaking

Gentle shivers

Paces seeking

Lighted slivers


Moonlit pools

Carry secrets

Hungry ghouls

Hide in thickets



Wander through


Only you


Finding barely

What was sought

Knowing faintly

You’ve been caught


Night of Hallows

Veils thin

Until the morrows

Stay in!

One thought on “Early Inspiration

  1. Aaah! A post after my own heart! I’m all for eerie and atmospheric instead of in-your-face gory.

    Loved the poem – it evoked a feel of walking through whispering woods during twilight when everything is grey and featureless and strange things lurk round the corner.

    Hope you’re having fun this Halloween.

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